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Amazon Herb Company

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Money Back Guarantee
All products come with a
1 year Satisfaction Guarantee.

If  for any reason
your not satisfied , return
your products
for your money back.
- John Easterling, CEO

A full 10% of our net profits
is returned to the Rainforest through our Rescue Fund.
This fund continually supports
a number of important causes.

You are invited to join us
in the adventure of a lifetime.
Becoming an Amazon Herb Company® associate,
you'll also help us win the battle of saving the Rainforest
and win our annual trip
to the Amazon Rain Forest!

All of our literature and correspondence is printed
 on recycled paper.
We use soy-based ink and encourage recycling all bottles and packaging material.

We've Discovered the Health Benefits of the
Amazon Rainforest and You Can Too!
Feel The Healing Power Of The Amazon With
With Powerful Herbs and Botanicals
from the Amazon Rainforest!

Amazon Herb Company imports wild crafted herbs to the USA.
All Rainforest Bio-Energetics herbs are hand inspected
never fumigated or irradiated.

Spagyric Method of processing  (Also known as plant alchemy.)
Time-sensitive, costly and performed by only a few companies worldwide.

Research and Tradition      
 Work with research institutes and universities to preserve the  
 traditional wisdom of the medicine men.

Original formulas based on traditional uses and information
from the "curanderos" and healers from the rain forest.
Amazon Herb Company has over 21 years experience
in the Rainforest, long-standing relationship with the Native
Villages to ecologically harvest the plants, combined with
maintaining a 4,000 acre Rainforest reserve and a permanent facility.

John Easterling met Nicole Maxwell who had spent 40 years
studying the plants in Amazon.
     "She was a real pioneer and my first mentor. I took her back to the
Amazon when she was 84 years old and on that trip, working with
her knowledge base and dealing with Amazonian shamans,
an entirely different life path was revealed to him".

Q: Amazon John, how did your background as a treasure
hunter lead to your current passion of ethnobotany?
A: I've always had a passion for discovering lost treasures
and lost secrets, looking and searching for lost civilizations.
I've always known that somewhere in Amazonia lies secrets
to be discovered that can alter the course of mankind.

     For years I dealt with Amazonian tribal artifact, pre-Columbian
textiles and other treasures from ancient civilizations.

    My personal compromise was the fact that I had
hepatitis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever earlier in life
with a near death experience in a hospital. Because my liver
and kidneys were compromised, I was always dealing with
chronic fatigue type of symptoms.

     I was working with some Shipibo/Conibo Indians on the
Ucayali River and recognizing my poor state of health, they
offered me their herbal remedies. They brewed up a tea of
Una de Gato and Chanca Piedra and over a ten day period
of drinking this tea, it took my health back, not only to where
it was prior to my illness, but to an entirely new level of life
experience.  Not only did I feel the strong energy flow come
back, but my senses were sharpened and my thinking
was much clearer.           click here to read full story

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Powerful Herbs and Botanicals from the Amazon Rainforest